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Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivation Transformation

When we come the starting line of a journey we are often so hyper focused on the finish line that we give little thought to what it is that is actually motivating us for change.

The Right Kind of Motivation will Help Keep you Going when you feel like you can't go on!

There are many kinds of motivations such as inspiring people, faith, stories, competency, power, purpose, desire to lead by example, meaning, dreams, health, fitness goals,vanity, revenge, self image satisfaction that can motivate a person toward change. Often it can be a longing for an image of your old self.  I don't want the healthy/fitness world, industry, psycho babble world tell you that some of these things are necessarily wrong because in my heart I believe that transformation will happen that will evolve you into a healthier place. That motivation you once had will begin to morphisize  into a deeper, more connected and personal intrinsic motivation. Where the rubber meets the road, you won't be finding yourself doing most things for anybody, but truly for yourself because actually begin to care about yourself on deeper levels rather than a superficial one. You'll actually begin to realize that you can do way more than you imagine before. You'll gain trust with yourself. Your momentum will propel you into new wild places in your life that simply make you feel alive!

Your motivation should be a healthy focus. A motivation that you can have forever. A motivation that is going to help you in at the finish line and leave you eager to keep going. That motivation is never ending. A motivation that extends all time and can be easily visible when life's chaos causes you to stumble or lose focus.

Lighten up, go with it and let the Journey transform you! Don't be shameful of what motivates you but also take a deep inside look and determine if your motivation is one that is truly long lasting and enough to keep you going!

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