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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dissovling of Doubts - Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt

Is not Faith and Trust enough? What causes doubt? What if it's what you've been told your whole life? What if someone spoke lies and untruths to your heart and it ruined you? What if you learned to do that to yourself every single time you failed. What if doubt is the only thing that goes before you? What if your Doubt is Bigger than Your Faith? The question is yours and the answer is yours alone. What is causing you to doubt? When you open up to the exploration of such thoughts, you begin to underline the problem. Once you see that you have it, how it has owned you then you can LET IT GO!  Once You let that doubt dissolve you will see your Faith increase! 

Little Faith=Big Doubt!


The goal you should have is to dissolve all doubt from your heart.

You must believe and not doubt yourselves.  When you doubt you begin to get tossed by the sea and get lost in the waves of life.

Don't be hesitant in believing that you can do all things! Trust that you can endure all things. Believe that through the storms of life that you can. To believe that you can't is a lie from the devil. That would be putting trust into the ones that fed you lies. Time to remove the stumbling blocks on your path.

You begin to believe again. You begin to trust in God and in yourself. You begin to have the kind of Faith that removes all obstacles for you!  There is hope in these simple words. I believe in all my heart that if you have fallen short of the Glory of All that God wants you to be, that you can begin to dissolve the doubts simply by proclaiming, speaking it out and owning what is already yours! Everything you have dreamed of is within reach! Glory to God! Take it! Walk in it. Speak to yourself the Kind of Faith and Strength that Jesus provides. When it's already in you, all you have to do is grab a hold of it and never let go! When ever you exercise your spirit in this way you push the devil even further away!

Dissolve the Doubt! Walk Victoriously!

Lose Your Weight!
Become the Runner and Athlete You always dreamed of!
Be the Wife & Mother of your wildest expectations!
Conquer your Fears and Live Life with Adventure!
Face all Obstacles with Strength & Endurance!

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