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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My First Swim Experience for Tri Training

Well I'm here so I didn't sink!

I wanted to blog about my first swim experience.  You would be surprised to know that I grew up swimming (Doggy paddy qualifies right?, good ;-)  I grew up fishing and swimming in the lake. I would be at the beach all the time really. I loved wading and floating around. As much as I was in and around water my entire life I never officially learned to swim nor had swim lessons. 

I was nervous and I spent some time googling how to swim videos! haha!

  I also got a book from the library. 

I bought my suit, my swim cap and my goggles. I was  ready !I felt defeated in my suit. As much as I love and accept myself I still don't like my belly and my upper thighs give me a frown face. I want to hide behind my towel as I enter the pool area. Hot and sexy confident in my swim dress or lil tankini and swim skirts but in this swim suit I feel unflattering in every measure. Who's looking? No one and if they do....who cares right? Exactly. Moving along. I want this bad enough that I will overcome my self esteem issues as I enter the pool.

I get in and warm up with a simply above water lap. Then I start to submerge my face and start my breathing. I feel winded and a few times I got in water choked. LOL. It really is funny to me. I am ok floundering a bit but I feel determined! I had this most amazing dream last week I was swimming and loving it and really pretty decent at it too. I love the water. I feel really confident about learning to swim. I feel way more confident learning to swim vs learning to run when I had to learn to do that on my own. Truth be told I am nervous on a 1/4 mile swim. I know it's peanuts to others but it's like a Marathon for a newbie. 18 laps in my pool and a lap is back and forth? OH MY GOD please help me! lol. I'm not sure I did half that in 1/2 hour. I did take my test and rest between each lap, playfully flirting with my husband who joined me for his attempt at learning to swim too.

There was a difference between us. I'm confident yet totally lacking in skills. He is lacking confidence and yet totally lacking in skills too. I was more triumphant because I tossed my fears. I tried new ways to stroke, breath. I experimented on my exhales and how many strokes I could do before I would need to come up. Oh gosh It will take me a LONG time to figure it all out and months if not years to master. I'll get there!

Best part I talked to the Life Guard real quick told her it was my first time swimming for real and she was surprised and said she couldn't tell :) Yeah I hope you see me smiling through the computer screen!

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  1. You are going to be great. Just follow the steps in the book. You can go to youtube and find Total Immersion videos which will help with the lessons from Terry (Laughlin, he's my swim BFF now).