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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mastering Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

How to Master Your Metabolism

Mastering your Metabolism is a Collaboration of multiple factors. Just one simple offset and you can alter your metabolism and it can affect the rate in which you lose weight, your ability to maintain with ease and lastly it can affect your body on a nuclear level.
  • Sleep- We all have been brainwashed enough; sleep is crucial. It's a time when our body has rest, it repairs damaged cells and rejuvenates the body.
  • Hydration- If you deprive your body of hydration; your body will do it's job and it will store and hold onto water for survival. Keep your intake at the minimum of 64 oz a day and get upwards of 80-100 oz a day depending on your exercise routine and your personal needs.
  • Frequent Fueling- When you add fuel (food) to the machine (your body) it will have a constant flow of energy and not only will you feel best but you'll keep your engine running=burning calories
  • Enough Calories- Much like improper hydration if you don't fuel yourself enough the body will do what it's designed to do. The body will slow it's engine (metabolism) down and start to store the fuel instead of rapidly burning it for energy.
  • Routine (Stick to what works) - If you are running in 4th gear and that seems to be working for you then I ask you to stay in fourth gear. I know life is not that easy and sometimes circumstances and events prevent us from living at the level our body likes. That includes stress, lack of sleep, accidental dehydration, sickness, poor health, acute disease etc.  What you can control is what I want you to control and that is to stick to the level of the activity you are at while you lose or maintain for stability of your metabolism.
  • Burn Calories- Exercise routinely. That may be 3x weekly for some and for others may need to be 4-6x weekly. Burning Calories goes well beyond the exercise during the moment it keeps the metabolism up to burn more calories throughout your day. Science proves the level of metabolism after exercise is higher than those that don't exercise at all. ***however** TIP if you exercise too often you can stall your metabolism. There is a stress response in our body that needs time to be balanced out and if you are working out too much then you run the risk of slowing down your metabolism.
  • Lift Weights - When you lift weights you create micro tears in your muscles. Those muscles require repair that happens up to 1-3 days after a strength training routine. That muscle repair uses energy and in itself burns more calories for you!
  • Eat the right kinds of Calories- Make your body work for it. Complex carbs like whole grains instead of simple sugars requires your digestive system to break it down and your body to break down the complex chain of carbohydrates hence burning more fuel to digest your foods. It's the principle behind paleo diets as well. Our body can convert protein for energy instead of just muscle repair but because of the long process you can actually eat more. I always suggest to my clients to be sure they eat a balanced diet. Our body's need as many nutrients as possible and that comes from all the food groups! Not all calories are created the same even if they equal the same amount :) 
  •  Eat Natural Foods that are known to boost Metabolism- Green Tea, acai berry and various natural supplements to help you boost the metabolism can be the key to rev your Metabolism.
  • Eat enough Iron-Lacking Iron and your body can feel tired and deprived. This is so especially important for my runners and triathletes. Excessive exercise destroys iron and you may need to supplement to keep up the energy and vitality hence keeping up your metabolism.
  • Get Your Hormones checked- Do you feel like you are doing everything possible and no matter what you do there never seems to feel like you've lost or changed? Your hormones can lock up the metabolism. All the the above are factors of how fast/slow the metabolism goes- yet the hormones are like the key to unlocking the door to the metabolism at all. Lack the hormones necessary then basically you are fighting a losing battle for at the least the weight loss/maintain spectrum. You do however keep heart healthy and stay healthier for wiser food choices but your ability to lose/maintain can be halted. 
  • Reduce Stress- Stress causes Cortisol to Rise and that hormone can cause weight gain. Reduce your stress by reading up on this link here
  • Mindful Eating- If you are eating all the time then no matter how fast your metabolism if it can't keep up with your intake it will be stored as fat. If you binge or even just simply over-eat out of indulgence then you risk the same thing; causing uptake that your body can't use right away so it gets stored.

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