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Friday, February 8, 2013

Giving it a "Tri" Let the Training Begin!

Well It's been a super long time since I posted anything in regards to personal health, weight, training. Truth is that I have not been doing much anything "special" and I can't say that I lost motivation it's that I've allowed my life to take me in new directions without my focus being completely on "fitness" for myself. I've done some coaching and continued up till about a week ago kept to a steady pace of sharing and putting on several events the last few months. That included the holiday challenge, the virtual 5k for Sandy Hook and then started the Biggest Loser Competition. I've done some reviews and give-aways and I'm strumming along fine till this past week. I can't explain it other than a writers block? Perhaps its a much needed vacation from coaching for a few days, maybe it will be a week. I'm praying it's not much more. I've been praying for guidance in direction of my life especially since I have BIG changes ahead in my family and personal life.

One of those changes was that I decided that I will become a Home Schooling Momma! What felt like might be a HARD decision was not. I prayed and asked for Guidance that same night that I prayed before bed- God gave me the answer in my dream. It was beautiful, fun, exciting teaching time with my 3 children. I saw clear as day and it was not small subtle dream it was ALL NIGHT LONG that I dreamt this. God has been doing that to me a lot lately. He sends me to scripture and it's circles in my mind all night long as I sleep. I wake up to very first thing I do is get out my bible and read what he wants me to know! I feel truly touched by him on so many levels!  I start this fall, Whitney will begin 3rd Grade Academics and I'm still making my final choice for academics such as Sonlight or Abecca curriculum which is all Christian based programs. God has put so many woman in my life that have been helping me too. I could cry at how blessed I feel about them spending hours with me going over stuff like teaching me about quarterly reports. They show me books and give me pointers and they have even given me materials to use! Anyways- I wanted to share that.

I also wanted to share that last month I started my Christian Fellowship page on Facebook and continue even now to write about how one can use Scripture and God in their life to help them with Fitness & Food related topics. It's been my way to spread the word and keep up the Faith not only in myself but for others. I'm just God's tool and I pray he continues to use me and keep me Sharp.

I've been spending so much AMAZING time with my Husband. I'm proud to say that we Celebrate 15 years of Marriage this Valentines Day! I've been engulfed in him more and more. He has begun to trump anything else out there. I've been choosing time with him over pretty much everything in my life. We study scripture together, pray together as a couple every day, we shop, dine, work-out and do everything together. He's my best friend ♥ I'm blessed on him he has changed the past 2 years. How much more he has changed since being born-again. God gifted me a new man, that's the Honest Truth! God move a person from the inside. Makes me think of this song and I want to share that with you.

So naturally I've been praying for God to come to about my Coaching. I want his blessings, I want his permission to keep this going. He is not coming to me. I've been doing my thing but I keep wondering if this is what he wants from me. Can I just do it and enjoy myself I ask of him? Can I share my passion with others and will he bless me along the way! Most especially since I've been trying to mission with my coaching now. I laughed about this with my Husband when I said "maybe God thinks "Connie this is a RIDICULOUS Question and an answer you already know" so that's why is not coming to me. But with all honesty I do know but I fear I'm going to get it wrong. I am taking Faith on this one and that's what I told him in Prayers. I'm going to have Faith that you realize how much I enjoy this lifestyle, how you know that I can be used as catalyst for him in this very way. If he has bigger plans I hope he reveals them to me. So maybe friends you just pray with me for answers for directions with my Coaching. Or else I take Faith and Keep doing what I'm doing. Either he will fill my holy spirit for it or take it away. I've thought since I'm in this sabbatical this week he has taken away that spirit for my coaching or if it's all just in my head. Are you confused yet ? Maybe you are just shaking your head at me thinking I'm coo'coo for cocoa puffs ((those are good- but so BAD for you ;-p ))

Ok- I started back training officially right after the start of the new year. I was hitting 20 miles a week to build a base and then start climbing. I had flu/bronchitis in December and my running took a's ok really :)
However I was having too much fun in old shoes and I have an injury. Pretty small but now pretty big. Calf tear? tendinitis in left knee from over- pronation? Inflamed ITB? maybe none or all of the above!

It's ok ..... I have a PLAN!

Recover and Heal !!!!

WHILE TRAINING FOR A TRIATHLON!! BOOM BABY! I've been wanting to do one for so long. I want to do a half and eventual full IronMan. Baby Steps right? Good!

I'm this clueless twit when it come to this stuff.

Trying on speedo's made me cry ((totally NOT kidding you- my back fat oozed and I internally wept))

So I found a cheapo one pc to swim in till I get an official tri suit :) Oh it's ugly- but TRUST it's Pink :)

Now Don't Be hatin' on this hot bubble gum suit and my oh so HOTT Swim Cap :) You can be envy of my muscles though! tehehe. I work hard for those!!!  Oh and wait till the Goggles then I'm going to feel even better! This is so out of my comfort zone my friends. But really exciting at the same time!

You should see me trying to put on a swim cap. Is there a special way those things need to be put on? LOL- I'm so serious it's not even funny! I am laughing though, haha!


So Far I've done 2 8 mile sessions on the bike at the gym. Not much but enough to tame the hiney. Those seats kill my butt and if I go more than that I won't walk right for a week. I'll keep building up. I'll go as long as I can tolerate tmrw and then start some swimming. Keep swimming, rowing, biking, lifting and let that be the course of action for now!
If I can get this leg injury healed I'll start training again and this time nothing fast at all but instead just endurance again - BECAUSE- I'm finally going to Run an Ultra! It's in May and it's a 12 hour event. So no specific miles set but it's all about endurance and I'll aim for 50 miles that day! 
Best News? My Husband is doing both with me! BOOM!
Thanks for listening and supporting me friends.  
Oh and if you want here are some pics of me trying on dresses for my vow renewal this June. Need to toss 10 lbs for sure after trying on dresses, ugh!
Did NOT Find my Dress. This is going to be HARD Stuff!



  1. A trick for getting the swim cap on is wet hair, wet the inside of the cap. A two time Ironman finisher told me that. Sweet lady. The latex ones are harder to get on, too.

  2. You are such a Doll, thanks for the Tip Liz!!! xx