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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

still not better yet?

I want my magic pill (antibiotic) TO WORK!

Coughing at night has been the worst.

Tired- keeping this one SHORT!

1hr in the weight room again today- sore from yesterday so I avoided the biceps/triceps and I worked on core/obliques/back/shoulders.

Now if you touch my shoulders or my wings- they hurt, lol- ouch! yeah- baby! love it :)

Ram all day along- preparing for this trip!

Ready? I don't know! I hope-

Ran 5.25 miles tonight- body heavy and pushed run - steady pace in 45min

two eggs
slice of wheat

Lunch: Salad at buffet and some broccoli/chicken and small desserts

Dinner:sandwich steak on slice of wheat- nothing really- still full from lunch-

Snack/post run- 3hrs later- bowl of Chex Cereal (forced fueling) my stomach was growling- feeling weak all though no appetite.

Greek yogurt- I know I need protein- forced fueling again-

not sure if it's my period or the sickness with not being hungry but whatever.

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