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Saturday, June 23, 2012

2am Rantings :)

So I have been forcing myself to stay up late and waking up early- Day #3. I know I'm freak and it sounds odd but I almost function better in life wtih 5hrs of sleep. I just do, when I sleep 8 I feel like crazy crap and the past 6 weeks I've slept more than I did in six months, lol- I'm friggin serious!

So What has CCRG been up to (Oh my God- I talk in 3rd person, maybe I need meds, you know the mental crazy people kind?) bwhaha.

Ok - no really. I left out alot of details when I got back from my trip like all the lil crazy things in my life that I have been busy with and well it all really involves my kiddies and they are my life so I've been busy!

Whitney will now be a Second Grader! Wow!
Twins start pre-k this fall............OMG_ really? My preemies are going to be in school? What!

In order for that to happen it was medical appts and first dental appts and all is Heathy & Good :) * Thank You God*

So I made a declaration. At this time last year (exact date too) and last night I was up writing this HUGE blog post about how a year ago my life changed, I suffered a broken heart and have spent the last year fixing myself back up again. Lessons learned in short and I'm still a work in progress and I still hurt (alot out of the blue) but God has been giving me strength, I pray to him and I feel so much better after a while. Thank You God for that too (you really do bless me!)

I have almost completed my Under Armour Challenge and that excites me! I'll be sharing more tmrw about this! So watch for my Youtube Video! oh wait, you know what, here have it now- lol, I still have to add a couple challenges to the UA site tmrw but in all sense I'm done :)

So here is My Summer Soltice Ride :) I spent the entire day working, with my kids and this was MY real time to Relax that day- a Sunset Kayak Ride- it's been Far too long since I've been out- I needed that ride for soul - so refreshing :)

Kick Ass Session in the Weight Room- full Hour
So sore today! Boom!
Great 10k Tempo!
1.5 mile warm up 9min pace
3miles at 8min pace
1.5 mile at 9 min pace
.2 mile at 6:50 pace


Chillin at the CampGround ♥

Took my kids to the Sprinkler, what Great fun!

The other thing we have done since getting home Monday Evening was getting
to the 2012 Chase Corporate Challenge to support
My RunnerBoy and his fellow Officers :)

Side Note: I'm still dealing with fatigue, and constant headaches lately- I'm withdrawing from sleep and caffeine (well cutting back to one cup a day) and I can totally tell!

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