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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Certified Running Coach With LOADS OF PICS!

Boston Bound!!  My First Stop in Massachusetts was the Start Line to the Boston Marathon!
You all know my Golden Run Dream is to Get to this Start Line by Qualifying!
The next time I'm standing there it will be in my Running Gear ready to run because I qualified! This I promise you!

                                                                   Next Stop Cheers!
We ate lunch here and it was Yum and Fun Experience!

                                            Cheers! Where Everyone Knows Your Name!
I love Sam :) He loves me! I loved that Kiss (yes slightly pathetic)

Next Stop was the Esplanade and City Garden!
She is a little Snot :) bwahahaha!
ok- no seriously she is!

 In the Garden in the Center of Boston :) We took a Great
Ride along the pond and the kids enjoyed a playground, ice- cream cones and I surely enjoyed the
Esplanade where Runners and Bikers Galore gulped up the shore line! Boston is Runners Haven!

All of Downtown Boston is Old Housing just like this
that lined the city streets, I love that Big City Feel :)

 After Marathon Start/Cheers/Garden/Esplanade and
Getting Lost and circling 2x to get OUT of Boston
We made our way South and got to Plymouth where
we visited the MayFlower Ship ↑ and viewed Plymouth Rock
Where the Pilgrims landed in the early 1600's - Inner History Nerd
Happy :)
My Amazing & Happy Son ♥
He enjoyed the trip so much we got home- he cried
My Best Memory is when there along the walk
he got down on all fours like SpiderMan and started
spewing out Webs at Daddy and these young
girls sitting on the bench started pointing and laughing hysterically
I love him so much!
Whitney had a Blast- her faves was playing on the playgrounds,
petting zoo, bowling and I took her swimming each day
at the hotel ♥ She also had a blast finding and collecting 4 starfish and Ocean Rocks!
Ally Cat Most Enjoyed walking, swimming, playgrounds,
junk foods and playing kickball and the ocean!
 LightHouse On Cape Cod
 My Girls First Time touching the Ocean right here ♥
Austyn? yeah- too afraid, lol
 Hottie or Nottie?
 I love this Picture with my Runnerboy ♥
 Thought of you all on the Beach! ha!
Lots of Swimming (it keeps the kids happy!)


Once along the Ocean Front at Cape Cod Bay.
My First Ever "Coastal" run ♥ Enjoyed my views and threw in 5 flights of 38 stairs in the middle of my Run, what was great was doing 2 sets and saw this old lady stop and watch me run Up and then Down and Then back etc. So I made sure I did 3 more sets in front of her, lmao! If I was not bent for time I would have done more! haha, so she says to me- "I watched you do ALL OF THAT NON STOP- WOW" HAHAHAHA- you have NO idea Grandma- I could of rocked those stairs and lots more miles for a long time! I smiled and said Thanks- I'm in the middle of a 30min run too, hahaha- she has NO idea I'm a Marathoner- Cardio Endurance is through the Roof! ha!

Next Run on Vacation was this 5.25 miler in the Sweat Box with
NO A/C  and NO Ventilation
I promise you I sucked every ounce of oxygen from that
Room- it was so BAD- talk about mental

So None of this Amazing Traveling and Fun Stuff would not have happened
if it was not for the idea of traveling ultimately to CT to spend the weekend getting trained on how to
Coach Athletes Run! I learned a lot about building training programs for all levels of Running Experience. So if you are looking to hit a certain goal on a race, have specific training needs, etc it would be vital to NOT go with a Cookie Cutter Training Plan and I would provide you with a schedule to follow to ensure peak performance! I have Huge Plans for all of you looking for specific help with this and with plans that do both tell you how much and how to run but how many calories you will need to either maintain without gaining weight or how much to eat and lose weight while Running! 

So How am I doing? I am so beyond exhausted. I got into state yesterday and settled with washing laundry, going to the grocery store and then to the gym to lift weights and do a 2 mile run- I experienced heart fibs during my weight lifting and had no energy and felt lethargic on the treadmill (dehydration from traveling) surely had to be the cause.

So you all know I reported my need to get seen by the doc for not feeling well. Good News is that hormones are ok, like my thyroid and I even asked to have my prolactin checked.

Bad News is that my White Blood Count is High - the one called Eosinophils.
Which the Doc is telling is from Allergies- severe enough that this is what is causing the sinus pain, pressure, my headaches and my extreme fatique. I get the really dumb and paranoid thinking that it could be much worse than that- like a cancer or something but surely my doc knows best. I do have one more avenue to explore before I settle with HayFever as the cause and that is getting in to see my Gyno for my Yearly check up- I am 6 months behind on that too. I suppose I lost so much time last year that I didnt bother to think or care for myself in these ways- making up for that now!

So I start Marathon Training this week, So does RunnerBoy- created his plan already and Not mine, lmao! Typical! I have on hit at a 13.1 before this Under Armour Sponsorship is up and then I must focus not on speed anymore but on endurance again! I'm ready! I am training my long runs at about a 9:20 pace and tempos will be at threshold of 8:00 with Goal M.P. to be the 8:20-8:35 range. If I could hit even splits I'd Boston Qualify this Fall- Likely Not (it's so hard to do!) but I'll be way more than Happy wtih a 3:50 this fall- especially knowing in my RunnerGirl Heart I would of got just around a 4:00 in May if I ran the Marathon!

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