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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out with the Old in with the New!

Well it's been an eventful and yet uneventful 9 weeks! I'm ready to declare that chaper of my life over and it lasted a little too long, likely simply because I had so much going on! You know - Graduating, vacation, sickness etc. Under Armour has got a lot of exposure from me :)

 They did not pick me though.

I feel they miss an opportunity to reach the likes of many woman out there that aspire and or trying to be an athlete. Much of what my story is about it. So what is Beautiful?

What's beautiful is not being cookie cutter!

 I do not have six pack- I don't run 6min miles and I am not a super model (although I do have a six pack under there somewhere, I can run 7min miles and I am pretty dam sexy ;-) but I'm not perfect. I don't want you to be perfect either! We shouldn't have to be picture perfect for marketing reasons!

  I get gripey when it comes down to marketing! When Companys Market Products and services they market sexy, thin, appeal, six packs and picture woman in slim dukes and bra tops sporting rocking abs and super thin! Dimple & cellulite free thighs! OMG_ yeah right- we are not all like that NOR DO WE NEED TO BE!

What I wanted Marketed! the woman that have kids, have stretch marks, grey hair, wrinkles, have a pudgy mid section and big ole round bootys cause that's the way God Shaped them! I would market the woman that have cellulitey thighs and dimpled butt cheeks! Cause despite having all those imperfections they could be of healthy weight, normal BMI, super strong, full of muscle and really athletic! These "real" woman they define my target market!

  So Anyways! What have I been doing?

Besides a grumpy ten miler that knick knackered my right side- and subsequent rest day from running yesterday, I still managed to squeeze in 50min weights and 30 min on the Elliptical for cross train and to ease up and stretch the legs! Grumpy knee and an odd pain in my right foot had me looking up my stats to see how many miles were on my shoes- just 350 since early April so I'm good for at least another 6-8 weeks of training! I think it was just the time on the road and maybe the shoes are starting to wear a bit? These shoes are usually good for about 500-600 miles!

Foods: lots of clean eating- fresh everythings- trying to make more salads at my lunch time- carb cutting and that is not best for the running- I'm feeling it!

Metamucil added to help clean out the guts tonight- feeling a bit sludgy still after vacation and Metamucil is a fiber that will help aid in healthy digestion and lower cholesterol :) A great thing to do in your diets once in a while!

Egg McMuffin & 1 extra egg
Huge Salad topped with walnuts/feta/tomato/raspberry vinagerette
2 cups fresh fruit which was blueberry/grape/strawberry
chicken breast & bbq sauce
greek yogurt-

Week Ahead: Blog Changes, Introduction to my Weight Loss Coaching Services & Running Coaching Services and Information for Sponsors to get ads on my blog and offer testing of merchandise and give aways for my blog readers! Would you be interested in Free Stuff?


  1. I followed you during your under amour challenge and I couldn't agree with you more. You should have been chosen because you worked your ass off. I'm not saying those other women didn't but I've read your story and follow you virtually and I've seen how far you've come. You CCRG are the champion in my eyes.

  2. Tosha ♥ Thank You So Much! Your Support and Kind words mean alot to me :) I feel so unlike my athletic self lately and I'm on my way back! It's not that I knew it happened but it just sort of did and when I look at all the videos/pics these woman updated on their site page I realize I should of really posted every thing I did because they did! I work out 1-2hrs 4-6 days a week and never posted it- a bit redundant but I should of! or not- God doesnt want me to have this- so I'm ready to move on! Much love to you!