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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feelin crappy good

LOL- yeah that blog post title- how "not" original.
This Sinus Infection is Kicking my Butt- my face is hurts, my sinus are more full than EVER- and I'm day 2 of Antibiotics and EAGER for relief!!!

Woke up - shizzy- 2 tylenol for severe sinus pain- not hungry- got the kid to school and then off to the gym

Fueling on Coffee (first time in months I skipped breakfast) I have zero appetite and not up to eating at all.

45min in the weight room-

Good: lots of sets of biceps/triceps

Bad: I lost some muscle strength. I'm back to warming up on 20lbs and curling 25's is not as easy as before. I was tricep pull downing around 110lbs consistently now 100lbs kicks my arms!

Extra Bad: I lost some core strength. the last 6 weeks I lost some strength in my ability to hold my planks as long- one minute was tapping my core (i'm on my period- maybe the pain was from that?) yeah- pale comparison to rocking out 2-3mins on each plank as before.

During my Weight Lifting routine I did a warm up mile- 8:45 time. I love working up a desire to run while I'm lifting- it's like a lifting "high" I get (and miss!!)

After my weights I went to the treadmill in the cardio room and busted out 4 miles at a set 8min pace! Drenched my shirt and gave it a solid effort- filled a few tissues with sinus junk and coughed a bit but I still managed through with energy and strong legs and a good breathing :)

Foods Today:

Whole Wheat, Natural Ham slice (Hormel sells this deli meat "free" of nitrates! Still high on sodium- 520mg for 4 slices (10 g protein though!) and I just know that I have to ration my sodium when I eat processed meats like this! lowfat mayo, tomato slice- fresh spinach

tblsp natural pb

Coffee from D&D

Bed of Spinach Greens
tblsp of Natural Ranch
cup of Grapes
Veggie Burger (no bread)

Food positives: Stayed away from the temptations today! OK, OK, not hard- not much of an appetite being sick and all.

Food Negatives - not enough for what a I did today- but what can do you? forced myself to eat all day to be honest.

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  1. I was always under the understanding that if the sickness made it to your lungs, you're supposed to rest until it's clear...only exercising if it's above the neck. Anyways, hope you're on the mend soon! Being sick is NO fun. :(