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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Symmetry Learning Game

Teach children symmetry while playing a fun interactive game!

  1. Use Tape or Rulers to create your line of Symmetry. 
  2. Use blocks, shapes and different colors begin having a child place a block on one side of the line. The other child is to hide their face while their challenger places the block down. The child now has ten seconds to re-create the symmetry on the other side of the line. 
  3. Once the child re-created the symmetry they then place a new block(s) down while the challenger closes their eyes and waits to re-create the symmetry. 
  4. Create difficulty by decreasing the time to find and recreate the symmetry. 
  5. Increase difficulty by placing 2-3 or more pc's to one side of the line while the challenger still has  the same amount of time to recreate the symmetry!
Fun Games for children in Grades K-4

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