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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fitness Quotes I despise & Love

Fitness Quotes I despise!

1) There are NO excuses-  Yes, sometimes there are! Honestly- Life Happens! The moment you jump on this bandwagon cliché' then you are setting yourself up for regrets and remorse and just lost focus of the real genuine reasons to be fit to begin with- to Live Life Fully! To Live Life Fully that means you accept legitimate excuses!

2) The only Bad work-out is the one you didn't do- As a Fitness Coach, a bad work-out can be the one you shouldn't do! Warding off injury is a BIG deal!  Injury prevention is vital because what good are you broken and out of commission for fitness for weeks or months? Take Rest when you need too!

3) What have you done today to make you feel proud-  As if to suggest that your fitness routine is the end all to what makes you simply Amazing? Your fitness is not an equitable measure to your inner beauty and the very important things that should humble you like giving and love.  I measure life differently- not in numbers and work-outs but in truth, love, sharing, love, friendship, caring- empathy- etc.

4) Better Sore than Sorry-  Be careful not to confuse sore with Injury. This is easy on the lips but people can take it too far and work-out to the point that they miss the cue that is typical sore from training and actual injury. Learn your body! There are times you should not train!

5) No matter how slow I go, I'm still lapping everyone on the couch- As a runner this used to my favorite quote because as I was out there running I was patting myself on the back because so many people were inside. Yet, how naïve I was and complacent to the reality that this journey is not about comparing myself to what other people do as if I was setting myself on a pedestal. So what I run! Lots of people can't and wish they could. Lots of people are on the couch because they ran before me, they are on the couch because it's their rest day, some people are on their couch sick or dying. Reality is if you keep your journey in comparison to everyone around you then you just lost the real reason why should be out there to begin with. Get of your prideful podium box and celebrate how slow you go because it's better than YOU being on the couch!  

6) Skinny Girls look good in Clothes- Fit Girls look good naked. - After losing a 150lbs and having run marathons I would LOVE to look "Good" Naked. Honestly extra skin and old stretch marks are far from the social idea of looking "Good" and honestly why do I have to look "Good" Naked? Sure I want to be sexy and feel confident but loving myself from the inside out is the BEST sexy and the Best confident feeling in the world. Only then can your lover truly feel your beauty- it will shine out of you! Celebrate your stretch marks, Celebrate your scars, celebrate your saggy boobs and extra skin, and little bits of cellulite- it's OK and you CAN be just as Fit as the next person who looks stunning in a 2 pc yet you feel best a little more covered up!

7) Do it, Because they said you couldn't. - Live your life for yourself. Stop proving yourself to the world and to others that have beat you down. Yes, it's great to want to "show them" and I bet when you strive for your best it will naturally occur, but don't make the reason why you do this journey into health and fitness. Once you have proved your point to them you would have to then find a new reason to maintain it. Sometimes that's not possible, Do it because you CAN!

8) Nothing tastes as good as Fit feels. - I dunno....I've had some amazing Hot Fudge Sundaes after a Long Run or a Long Day that tasted as good if not better!  Just being honest here! ;-)

9) Work-outs are easy- the real challenge is in the kitchen- I just don't think any of it is easy. Be honest. If it were easy - everyone would be doing it! Do you see everyone in the gym? But I get it, in comparison maybe the food challenge is a bit harder for some. To each their own. I know some amazing healthy eaters that think work-outs are HARD!

10) I would rather be covered in sweat in the gym than covered in clothes at the beach. -  WHAT? Since when do we have to worry about covering up at the beach simply because we don't look "fit" ?  Hey, I rocked a swim dress at 310lbs and felt just fine- at that point in my life I didn't care less about health and fitness! Don't worry about how far you have to go- if you are going to the beach- just be YOU and Celebrate the Breath of Life inside you and Live Happy.

Fitness Quotes I LOVE!!
1) Will it be easy? No- but worth it!

2) When you feel like quitting- think about why you started.

3) If it doesn't challenge you - it doesn't change you.

4) Fitness is not about being Better than someone else, it's about being better than you were yesterday.

5) Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen yourself.

6) Because Today is another chance to get it right.

7) The body achieves what the mind believes.

8) Fit is not a destination- it's a way of life!

9) It never gets easier- you just get Stronger!

10) Earned- Not Given!

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