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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where Have you been, I haven't seen you in a while

Where Have You Been, cause I never see you out , Are you hiding from me yeah ♫ somewhere in the crowd ♫

So It's been 12 days since my last Confessions? Oh- wait Blog Post Update :)

Let's Backtrack quickly-

Last Sunday I ran the Turning Stone 10k- Race Recap Here:

A couple pictures came in from race day and they are here

Sometimes I cringe- heal strike really? maybe that's why my left hamstring was killing me after this race, lol

Focused- that guy "behind" me I pass him and 3 others in the last mile :)

Can I just say I'm one BEEFY RunnerGirl- certainly not your typical fast skinny runner girl! My arms/shoulders/quads/ everything is so tight and thick with muscle-I think I need to calm the hell down on weight lifting :)  I'm just saying!

subsequently after this race I was very sore- I think the adrenaline- the road run and most especially the honker hill terrain in this 10k really just did my legs in- they needed mad rest this week.
I was foolish enough to think I could knock a long run done the day after this 1ok (can you seriously hear my laughter?) lol- what a joke!  yeah right- learn from me- take rest after a hard run- your body deserves to rest- but not for long- we do have work to do :)
17 miles today as I keep adventuring into my long runs. 5 out to a friends house - 9 miles with two runnergirl friends- out into the country and then back into the city- then 3 more by myself where I picked up the pace on the last 3 to burn out the legs more! it worked- but GREAT news is how wonderful I feel after and during with energy and such. It was a very nice long run indeed- slow does help so much! if you saw my tip of the day- run your long runs slow- I know it's mentally tough but do it- save the speed work for during the week!

Shoe Re-cap: Runnerboy spoils me- even though I was in a new pair of trainers I saw these and wanted to try them on- they seem to fit like a glove and curiosity got the best of me and I was eager when he pulled out his checkbook to spoil me with new Runners- ♥ - gosh I love him!
So here they are

For years I've been wearing Nike Triax Zoom's (boom!)
These Are Asics 2170's
They are so comfortable- I notice they are a little extra big for me at a 9.5 but not too noticeable- I always size up a half size and these got a little more space at the tops of my feet than I'm used to.
I have experienced some left hamstring/foot pain which I've NEVER had a problem with before. Trying to determine if this is training or if this is the shoe. Trying to decide if was my heal striking on the 10k - but I did 17 today in them. Mile 1 my left knee was very grumpy- never had this before either- actually mentally made me grumpy - I thought "fudge" Mile 8-13 my foot is is uncomfortable- more so in my left arch. I'm not used to this left leg problem, lol- always my right with the problem so I'm not liking it. But they feel so nice :) lol- Jury is still out- Great news is great store return policy - but I'm holding out hope!

Ok So Food!
Almost 3 weeks of 1600-1800 calories and NO LOST WEIGHT!  know what this means? I maintained at 2000-2200 and now I maintain at 1600-1800....WOW- Yes I'm SHOCKED!

I'm nervous but I'm going down - I'll listen to my body and bounce up to be sure I fuel and I do cycle my calories based upon my distance- trust my judgment- trust me when i say I've done this before- A LOT :) actually others do trust me and I write up plans that work for them! The reason why I share this intimate stuff is to show you how I do it :) ok- no secrets here but this is my judgement free zone too- that means what works for one- does not always work for others- so be very mindful of this notion as I share!

I've been keeping track of all of it- protein/carb/fat ratios. Fiber/sodium/saturate fat. My carbs are 40-50% my daily intake!

I'm now back to Wheat- but have learned to drastically reduce how much of it I eat. I have learned about new ways to bake with other gluten free flours and look forward to keep using them! they are also rich in protein and nutrients!  Two weeks Gluten free made no real impact on my health! Two Week Gluten Free Challenge done! Loved the experience!

I have officially stopped Whey protein- some research and personal choices went into this- because of my adventures to learn more about my body and it's reactions to food I have now started taking Hemp Protein and I'm LOVING IT-!!! Ten days of zero bloat- zero flatulence- zero diarrhea- zero constipation- My body feels strong - so strong I was back to curling 25's the other day :) I feel solid and more defined than I have in a gosh knows how long-------9/10 months- ever? lol
Along with No whey protein I have also given a Pure Food Joy of mine......Greek Yogurt! I love that stuff and it was my nightly snack - but now we are over :(  but if I can feel this good with out Mr. Greek then I must live without you!  I'm being very mindful of cheese and not doing too much! I am lactose intolerant and surely this aids in healthy digestion as well!

I'll be posting more about Hemp protein in the future- you can google it now if you wish! There is an add on my blog where you can buy it for cheaper and save on shipping and buying in discount as well! Take advantage- I sure am! I love saving money :) !!

My Family:

So Much to share- lets start wtih the twins:
They Started Pre-K this week! OMG_ I love them and they are LOVING school so far!

Whitney and I went out to lunch two days in a row together - one day we went shopping and tried on yucky dresses like this one. she told me to buy it- really I think it needs get burned and never put back on a shelf again, lmao! I loved spending along time with her and I ♥ We talked about boys, school, cell phones, how to drive, we even talked about death as I explained what happened to my cousin this week.

Speaking of my Cousin- as an update- he fell off his fishing boat with his 9 year old son last Sunday- if you read my race recap post you got first hand glimpse of my emotions that night as I cried lots of sad tears for the loss. It took 40 divers and over several days to find and recover his body from the lake. I prayed so hard they would find him quickly it was torturing my heart the longer he was under water.  I went to the calling hours last night. it was very hard. there was this raw trembling emotion from my cousins step mother when I hugged her- it brought me instantly to tears. Her pain radiated through me- it crushed me. I never want to forget that feeling. The feeling of someones deep pain that transfers through with a touch- Wow- so powerful. I whispered "this is an amazing hug" she says "with each one it gets easier" ................WOW!  Rest in Peace Cousin- Today you were buried- your body at rest and your soul with God in Heaven. You will be missed and I will continue to pray for Caleb and pray the family and the community will rise up to help raise him♥
So it's been a busy and trying week. I've floundered with so many emotions like my baby's going off to school, spending precious time with Whitney, running and recovery and long runs, getting ready for school and this weekend I took them to the sprinkler park and tomrw we do one last fling at the lake after church (which is going GREAT- my husband and I went last Sunday together at the 6pm worship- I'm taking pride that I've gone 5 weeks in a row and I'm promising to keep trying to make it. I'm learning so much about myself, Christ and so much more and you know I'll be sharing more of that later!
That's all for now- see you on facebook and as always THANK YOU BACK FOR THE SUPPORT ♥

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