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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What to Wear Working out while Losing Weight

If you are a large Woman it can be very stressful to know what to wear when beginning a running or working out routine.

I can totally sympathize with you. I felt like I wanted to be comfortable and yet wanted to be economical about what I purchased. I wanted it to last long enough to wear it during my weight loss. the longer the clothing lasted the better but at the same time I knew I would outgrow it rapidly.

What to Aim for when Shopping for Work-out Clothes
  • Loose Clothing- give yourself room to move without the clothing clinging to you
  • Dry wicking material is pretty easy to come by these days
  • stay away from 100% cotton
  • Don't go heavy materials
  • NO Sweat Clothes (pants, hoodies, etc)
  • Comfortable fitting shoes just for working out. Please do NOT wear your normal day to day shoes to work out in. If you get a chance get to the local fleet feet or running store and often for FREE get your foot landing analyzed to determine if you pronate and if you are wearing the correct shoes (stability or neutral) you do NOT have to buy shoes there!
  • Wear a comfortable Sports Bra. It does not need to be costly just make sure it's supporting. If you have larger breasts you will want a more secure bra to help prevent the bounce.
  • You will want some Body Glide (you can use petroleum but it does stain clothing *be warned*) use this around your bra lines, pant lines and maybe around your thighs.
  • I always wore a pair of compressions it helps with thigh & running mobility.
  • I wore loose shorts over my compressions
Must Haves for Working out!
  • BPA Free Water Bottle
  • Body Glide
Optional Fun Toys!
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS Watch
  • Apps

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