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Sunday, September 23, 2012

13.1 with Friends & Marathon News

Well I was thinking it was going to happen. Perhaps I was secretly it was going to happen. Likely why I kept playing around with my husband about it happening! We are preparing to go to HIS Marathon Next Weekend and Yet Now it's NOT his's MINE!

So my schedule 20 miler to help me Peak for Empire State on October 21st was turned into a light 15 miler to help me get distance yet help me not overdo it for next Sunday Sept 30th! It's My Daughters 7th Birthday so I plan on doing something special for her as I cross the finish. Either I plan on stopping in the finish chute and handing her a flower *or after* but I know for sure is she is going to know that I'm running this one for her! For all the Beautiful & Amazing Ways her life has blessed me. I love her so Much and she is such an amazing little human being and going to make a Strong & Intelligent Woman. My Life changed for me when I had her and to her I owe her my every reason to be who I am today~ she has made me want to pursue my education, made me pursue my Christianity, She was the reason why I wanted to live a Healthier life. We plan to head down a day earlier to visit the area and help celebrate her Birthday a Day earlier as well ♥

So I ran to my friends house and then we ran 13.5 together and then I ran a half mile to the restaurant where we all had a BIG breakfast! Yummy!

Great Conversation & lots of Happy Smiles. It was a pleasant run and toward the end a friend and I picked up the pace and unfortunately my Poorly Charging Garmin lost all batter power so I had no clue our pace but likely mid 8's and my calves started to tighten. I knew I had to open my stride and loosen up the slow tight pace so the last mile I'm pretty confident I ran it about a 7:20-7:30 as I was just flying down through and really taxing some cardio/breathing and my legs even more. I love doing that at the end of long runs and that is just opening up and giving what I got. Especially when I know I can and I certainly could and so I did!

      Greg & Lauren.........ME............Amy & Jay Before our Run!
After our Run! SOAKING WET...LOTS OF DOWNPOUR RAIN! Water Fun :)

I said I'd NEVER confess to ordering such a Large Breakfast but I DID! and well I ate almost one of the three pankcakes, slices of wheat, 3 eggs, 3 sausage, 3 bacon slices and 1/4 of my potatos.................planned on this splurge.....surely 15 miles trumps the calories back in :) I think I'm talking to my Bacon Here- lmao. Hey Bacon you want me to eat you? hhhmmm.....of course I shall! nom nom nom

Plans for my Week? Rest Trmw- 8 on Monday- 3 on Wednesday- Maybe 3 on Thursday or I'll just rest till Marathon..............OMG!

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