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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

My top ten tips that I wanted share as I celebrate 3 years in my journey of losing 150lbs.

1) Weight loss is like maintaining- it's never a straight path! Don't get so frustrated; you'll have easy days and challenging ones. 

2) It's about being intentional - every day! I wanted to so bad to take my mind off of food/fitness and let other more important things to become the forefront of my thoughts. Scary place to's easy to slow down and hard to get back. Everyday make it a point to eat healthy and stay active. 

3) It's about keeping focus on the ultimate goal. I promise you that life changes and evolves. Death, divorce, financial get my point, you are not immune, crap is gonna happen. The goal is LIFE to the fullest Today! No Worries about yesterday or tomorrow....

4) Be prepared for rocky roads - I'm not just saying it- I want you to make a plan! When A happens I'm going to....... If B happens then I'll try to do this......Prepare for road to change- because it will and when it does you will either fall away or you will press in- Keep Hope- you Will get through this! 

5) Let the Journey refine you- let God work through you- Let the Journey be one of purpose and find your Joy no matter where you are at in it. 

6) It's not about feasting or fasting- just about moderation and occasional guilt free indulgences. Are you cycling in your maintenance phase? If you are, now is the time to get off that wagon- time to focus on daily consistency. What can help you with that is to focus on health. Food for energy. Eating Clean & unprocessed foods in moderation. Keep exploring what your body likes and doesn't like. I'm still learning! I'm still exploring!  Clean eating Guidelines : If God made it then you can eat it! 

7) Be careful to not indulge everyday- when you let the junk creep back in then it becomes a habit again. It's easier than you think to backslide into comfort foods and convenience eating. However- don't be so strict on yourself. That can lead to binge eating and unhealthy food habits (Mind control) Eat a cupcake once in a while! (ONE ;-)

8) Never take too much time away from your work-out shoes. Complacency is easier than you think. Rest when your body tells you- not when your mind does! Create and keep a Healthy Habit of a fitness routine that you love and at least enjoy! 

9) Learn to Let Go of the Numbers- Let how you feel in yourself and your vitality and life measure your success- not the number on the scale, or how many miles you ran, how much you can dead lift. I promise you that once you hit goal numbers they will change. Make your pursuit about Health, Vitality and Joy and those my friends are not found in chasing after number goals. 

10) Stop the guilt. The enemy of the world and the mind would love nothing more than to find you back to where you started. Guilt and Fear stops us from living out our Destiny! God has an amazing plan for us and he tells us to make him first and not worry so much about what we will eat and what we will be doing- there is an eternal prize for how we live our life in our heart and soul. Is your soul full of guilt? Are you suffering from remorse of rebound weight? No more....let's get back to the Divine purpose and plan and that is to be simply amazing everyday both in and out. 

Bless You All and Never Stop Chasing After Your Dreams! Live Healthy, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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