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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WineGlass Marathon 2012 Details

All Glass Finishers Medal

Some Walk with God & Today I ran with him :)

Many don't know because I kept it hush but I planned on this last minute Marathon to be a SPECIAL one and not because of the distance! Just so other that don't know I was training for Empire State Marathon October 21st. Was going to peak the last two weeks and taper. Having only run 18 miles peaking at 20 2x back to back was going to give me a great endurance boost. However when my husband decided his legs could not go the distance with last minute training I took over his Bib for Wineglass. So I cut back the 20 to an easy 15 last week and then Ran Wineglass this past Sunday!

Most of you know I was Born-Again on July 31st, 2012. I'm a new Christian and my excitement over the feeling of the Holy Spirit that fills me is transcending. I feel changed. I feel loved and accepted. I feel unconditional everythings. God has been calling to me my whole life and I needed to let Jesus enter my heart. I needed to take Faith and grasp a sort of understanding of who he was and why I needed to know him. Well I asked him into my heart 8 weeks ago and since LIFE is different!

I was going to take this Marathon with God to my Right and Jesus to my left. I would run without Music and without my Watch. Considering a bit of inconsistent training because of my intense family obligations and "life" and my LR being 18 etc etc I knew this was not going to be a Marathon where I was going to try to make some remarkable Run Goal with time standards.

I craved comfortable miles. I craved a spiritual run. I craved a desire to just soak in the amazing Earth with the abounds of beauty that embarks this gorgeous wine region. The fall foliage would take your breath away with beauty. The morning fog settled among the mountains along each side of the road we ran down. It was a straight course from Bath NY to Corning NY. Traveling North to South. Great Decline portions and only a few slight hills or inclines. So Perfect course for those looking to Boston Qualify! The Wind was coming out of the North so there only a couple of occasions when the slight wind was not at my back. Overcast Sky's we started at about 45' F and the Sun came out for about 4 miles where it started to feel a bit warmer and maybe got up to around 60 degrees that day.

I started off around the 4:10 Pacer dude. Just because 9:33 is a great easy going conversation pace. I could hold this easily for the whole marathon. That's my plan.

Amused by others conversations while on the course. I found moments of deep pleasure not just in the beauty of the trees but in the horses and roosters. Ponds with reflections as well. The beauty all around me (us!)

I had surges of energy and had to tame them. My legs wanted to open up badly but I told myself to relax a lot. Reminding myself it's been a YEAR since I've gone 26.2 miles!

Mile 9-13 I had this huge desire to go to the potty. Not urgent but not comfortable running with anything in the bladder. So after the half way mark which I cam across in 2:05 I went potty (only to find it was but a trickle? lol) I'm calling this my Divine Pee Interruption. Had not been for this pee I might of had pretty even splits! LOL but divine because what that pee break gave me was ultimately my finish time that SPEAKS VOLUMES!  After the half point I stopped quickly at all the water tables and drank Gatorade and took Gu.

 I felt my BEST Miles 18-22 which was actually EUPHORIC for me. I became transcendent. Overcome with extreme emotion. I held back tears of ......Joy? ..... Love? .....Contentment?.......I'm promise you all that my thoughts were with God & Jesus. I felt them with me, through me. I can never explain the utter explosion of Emotion I felt. Many times I tucked my head down and just swallowed deeply to control my emotions. I felt this whisper from God that said "just let it all go" and yet I couldn't. I can now and have since. Rejoicing in all that Miraculous in his making of this World and of Me and all things in Life!  I knew It's totally not typical to feel this GOOD toward the end of any Marathon- but I most certainly Did :)

Miles 23-24 went by with ease. Yes my were legs were starting to simply 'stiffen'  and felt impending calf cramping if I pushed myself at the end. But I was feeling good. Mile 25 I said special prayers for some friends and gave one last Big Thanks God for the Gift. The Gift of Life. The Gift to Run. I am honored to let him use me as his vessel toward his message. That he Loves You. He is Waiting for you. He Wants you to Love Yourself so you Can Love him. It's my Gift to you. I know my message and purpose even more clearly now; it's to help you find yourself so you can find him! Find yourself through fitness. Let me help you fix your mind so you can fix your body. Fixing your Mind toward your body can aid in fixing your mind so you can be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Mind is all powerful. If we Believe!

Fall Foliage ♥

I said to many this week and even on my Facebook page and with Friends Two Very Important sentiments that carried me and will always carry.

Jesus Said if you believe you can Move Mountains. So I was sure to tell myself mile after mile. I CAN Move Mountains!

and lastly-

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who gives me Strength"

My Marathon Finish time.......4:13
This was God's Sign for me. This was all meant to be. This was exactly what he had planned for me ♥
848 out of 1584 Finishers
58/128 in my Age Group (30-34)
Splits 2:05 & 2:08
So this is a PR from Last years  Marathon #2 in 4:23 with splits at 2:01 & 2:22 (having experienced intense quad spasms after mile 21/22 last year that left me 6 plus weeks with severe knee tendinitis)
So There you Have My Amazing Spiritual Run and for those don't Believe in God & Jesus just trust me when I say that I'm a strong woman, I have amazing internal belief that I can do anything. If you believe in yourself the same you can transform your life and your Running as well. I share this with you all that our Mind (our thoughts, our behaviors and habits) if they are positive and strong then you have the power to Go any distance in life. You have the power to transform your body! I want to inspire you that way too!
Blowing Whitney Birthday Kisses at the finish line ♥ She Turned 7 today!

Other Randoms!
I hung out with Kelly & Jared and Kelly Boston Qualified and she trained so hard and deserved it! 3:32!  Jared ran a Great First Marathon ....will he back? We don't know! haha! But I'm proud of him too!

Race Support - incredible! Get a chance to come to NY and Run this is GREAT! Water Stations support like I've never seen!  Lots of porty's and Gu's and Gatorade, Great Medals, Asics Dry Tech long sleeve, food at the end- YUMMY! Soup, pizza, cookies, chocolate milk, bagels, fruit etc. We got a wine glass and a small bottle of wine! Fitting :)

It was Whitney's Birthday (Weekend- three days of Celebrations, lol) Lots of dining out- indulgent eating- packed in over 110oz of fluids/electrolytes on Saturday. Few salt packets, some soup and extra carbs! 

We Went to Corning Museum of Glass.

We Gave Whitney a small surprise Birthday cake/gifts in the hotel room the night before the Race and it was a special wind down time for me! I love my children and they are my life and my everything. We played Silly Games and ate Birthday Cupcakes!


The Day after Marathon I did small upper body weight session and then spent 30minutes in the Pool - water walking, swam a few laps and then did a load of stretches once my muscles were warm and loose. I worked a wide array of range of motion exercises and it really helps! I strongly encourage you to find water after your long runs- get in the pool and work it out!

Nutrition: Focus on Clean food. My guts are shot. I ate out 3 days in a row, dirty- sodium rich foods. Hidden toxins from dining out! All be it mostly nutritious foods still "dirty" to me and I've not gone to the bathroom normally in about 4 days. which is NOT normal for me at all. I'm up about 4lbs which is still on the low side so I'm drinking more water- need to flush out toxins, fat, etc. Been eating salads, lots of antioxidant rich foods. normall at this stage I could be up as much as 7-8lbs in fluids and waste.

Today is Tuesday- I actually feel pretty great. Thought Doms would be setting in but maybe that was more last night cause today I feel good, lol- tight in the quads but enough where I may be crazy enough to want to run an easy twenty to shake it out. I'm nervous secretly. I didn't find out about my knee problems till I was trying to do a recovery run last year after Marathon- it was my only sign I was broken- when I tried to run :( I remain optimistic as this run I did not experience the intense quad spasms and difficulties as in last years Marathon

October plans! Recovery and Run Empire Half Marathon and then Rock out some 5k's before the end of the year!



  1. THAT is awesome! I love those pics- oh those trees are so pretty! Ans that medal rocks almost as much as you! Great job:) Thanks for inspiring always !

  2. Congratulations on your great marathon experience. I ran this race last year and it's definitely one I'd do again. And you're right, everything has so much more meaning when Christ is the center of your life!

  3. Congrats! You inspire! Crowd support was uh-mazing and the course was beautiful. It made me want to put my waders on and fish! That was one of the many thoughts I had on my run! Running a marathon is great for the mind. You think about so many things.. I ran the first third with my mind telling me keep the pace not to fast.. The next with my body.. And then at 21 the body ached ESP with the steep small down hill OUCH... Other runners were saying ouch out loud made me laugh... I agreed with them... The last with your heart! Made me cry when I saw my mom and my kids at the 26 mark... What a great experience!!!! Love sharing with you Connie!