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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Start My Study to Become a Certified Personal Trainer!

It was amazing to me to be on my journey toward health and fitness for just ME. To re-create and tranform myself. The efforts were for me alone and my drive and perseverance to make a major life change was never faltered. So greatly so that others saw the passion even before I wanted to admit it myself.

Friend after friend would suggest that I spend my life helping others transform. That for some reason they saw my story so inspirational that they told me to inspire others (maybe cause I was already sharing so much with my friends and family they shouted "SHARE WITH THOSE THAT WANT TO LISTEN"  .....tehehehehe!

I would share. Photos of what I ate. Document race stories through facebook (before I had the blog) and I would share what cross training I did. Gave random updates about how much I lost and what new awesome physical goals I had met.

I really did NOT want to have to be one of those people that got so obsessed that they had to make it their life. There is no rule that says that in order to lose and maintain that you have to become this passionate about it. I value ones' ability to do it because it feels good and needs to be done!
I really did NOT want to make others out there think that that in order to Maintain a Major weight loss that they had to take these directions in life in order to just keep the weight off.

Once I worked through what everyone would think of me, I began to dream. I began to hear my purpose. I searched for it. I prayed for it. I took time away from blogging  for a week or two or three and took random days away from my facebook to just seek clarity for the purpose behind all my help to others.

Was I giving so much for ME? Was I giving so Much for You?

Can't I have it both ways? What if I love helping you that it does help me! That it makes me feel good and wanted. That I sincerely smile when one of my girls loses weight and hits major milestones in running and general fitness!  I began to think larger and I'd have moments of mental chaos but it was only excitement for all the ways I could help re-shape woman's lives. And then I had pure moments of deep frustration for not being in a point in my life where I could give more. When I felt that way so much I had two thoughts, draw back or forge forward. I did both at different times to keep finding my path.

 I had come to realize I must stop fighting my dreams. I had no Idea I was till this past week. After my Marathon my vision of my future was so crystal clear. I began to dream in my day about all the Great adventures that could take place in the coming months and years. That I could truly make this a part of who I am (Being a coach, trainer, counseler etc for life) not just for now (as it's something for me to do while I'm busying raising my family and going to school) but it's something I could make my rest of my life out of and really LOVE IT!

I see the vision of where I want to be in a year and two and ultimately the prize ....which the shorten version will be I will obtain my Masters in Counseling and keep working to transform the mind to help in transforming the body. I will develop both online and community based weight loss programs where I will provide my counseling and personal training & running coaching. I'll have an amazing support network for my clients and I'll work out this beautiful location in my city that' is run down and dilapidated in many ways but the vision of it's real beauty and what that location would do for me & others is amazing!  I'll apprentice in learning even more in sports nutrition, woman's health, overall wellness and senior citizen help for females. Yes I'm a feminist at heart and always have been so it's so natural to aim all my work toward woman with open arms toward families and husband/wife teams. So as of right now I begin to study for my CPT and start my Bachelors degree in a few weeks and I keep coaching online for free and offering some running coaching for free & fun.

Now that is a Beautiful Dream, I'm not afraid to put it out there either because I know that I'm going to work hard at keep shaping who I am, keep working hard at maintaining my active lifestyle and most importantly beyond my husband full support (and wallet ~thanks Babe for dishing out thousands of dollars every year to purse my education and personal goals with Certifications) but GOD is with me. My Heart is open and I have him to thank for that. He is the driving force in my heart now and life has that much more purpose!

God Bless & Thank You as Always for Letting me Share and for Sharing in My Journey! ♥

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