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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3 Simple Tips for Being Fit & Healthy While You Feast

Being FIT & Healthy while you FEAST!

1)  Join a Challenge- Join a challenge either virtually online through fitness groups/pages or even create your own. November & December are great months for aiming toward intentional exercise each day. While the rest of the world plans to indulge and start their Journey on January first, You will be starting now and keeping it simple and easy! You'll have less weight to lose and less bad habits to break in 60 days! Perhaps you could set a goal to walk for 20min each day or maybe start a run streak if you are a runner. Don't be so hard on yourself, learn that although you can join a challenge and miss a day- no reason to stop all together. If you miss a day in a challenge be intentional to allow yourself both physical and mental rest because either of those can create cortisol hormones to rise in your body and you won't lose/maintain weight instead you might gain weight.  Join a challenge but enjoy yourself!

2) Prepare- The greatest act you can do while living a healthy lifestyle is to prepare for your day or week ahead. Only you know exactly how busy you truly are. Identify those parts of your day that you feel the most tired or low of energy and plan a quick 100-200 calorie high protein/veggie snack right before hand. Plan to skip the afternoon coffee's and chew on high antioxidant foods or teas to fight off your mid day stress. Planning your snack and meals will obviously curb those impulsive wants to hit a drive thru, vending machine or the easiest thing you can find.

3) Moderation- That is such a tough word during a season when everything is presented to you so beautifully and so often. The stores are full of new Fall and Christmas treats! The office co-workers begin to bring in all their favorite treats to show you how much they love you (Sure...Thanks a lot ;-)
Perhaps you are in a leadership position and now every gift is a food during this special season of giving Thanks and Celebrating.  Planning ahead helps you moderate but the best way to moderate is to go ahead and plan to donate and re-gift those foodie presents. Say "yes" to some and "No" to others.  When you say "yes" make sure you share it! Never bring a whole pie home to yourself.  Instead plan to bring that desert to a dinner party or to your family to split. Sometimes those food gifts can be frozen and enjoyed at another time. Freezing food gifts if you can is such a great idea because the temptation is no longer readily available to eat when it comes 10pm!!  Moderation Tips also include- On slice, one serving, smaller dining plates, drink water before/during your meals, eat a healthy balanced meal prior to a party where there is unhealthy choices that way you don't eat too much of the unhealthy stuff.

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